AGM 2017

The AGM will be held on Wednesday 8 November, 2017 at 7pm, Melior Community College Chandos Road Scunthorpe DN17 1HA.Tea & Coffee available from 6:45pm.

The Theme this year is: Sector Lead Improvement (Setting up locality Network Groups for Chairs & Vice Chairs) to be presented by Tina Page NLC.

This event also gives the NLAGB to report on what we have be doing on behalf of governors in North Lincolnshire.

A flyer will be emailed out shortly inviting governors & Head Teachers to attend.
This event is free to all schools & Academies

Promoting Sector-Led Improvement in North Lincolnshire

including the part that the new locality network meetings for chairs and vice-chairs can play in this. Find out more about proposals and contribute to the discussions about how this will support everyone in our schools/academies

Tina Page, Head of Standards and Effectiveness North Lincolnshire Council, has been invited to expand on the theme giving us the chance to discuss the ways forward as part of working together for a better future for all our children.


We are looking forward to seeing you at the AGM so please do come along and join us.


Minutes of the AGM held on Wednesday 8th November, 2017 at Melior Community College


Angela Dunkerley Chair of the NLAGB welcomed  everyone



Paul Thompson



Minutes of the AGM (November 2016)

The Minutes of the previous meeting having been circulated were proposed to be accepted by Dr Hilary Beverley.


All agreed the minutes were a true record.



Matters Arising


No matters arising


Report from Chair




·         The Association aims to prove a strong and independent voice for Governors, working with others to ensure all Governors have access to the support and consistent advice they require.

·         Most schools and academies continue to subscribe to the Association which, together with our presence locally and nationally puts us in an influential position to negotiate on behalf of all Governors and to represent Governor opinion.  We are committed to raise the profile of governance locally.

·         One Executive member has had to resign due to personal reasons and Mrs. Dunkerley has had to reduce her voluntary roles drastically again due to personal reasons.

·         Mrs. Dunkerley expressed her thanks to colleagues on the Executive who have stepped in to ensure the work of the Executive continued. She expressed special thanks to Denise West, Treasurer and Pete Raspin as Vice Chair.

·         Activities of the Association included responding to requests for information, advice and support for Governors and Headteachers, attending meetings with LA Officers at the Governance Matters Group, working closely with HR Officers and Unions to review policies being developed or reviewed prior to them going to the Advisory Group and then to Boards, participating in the Governors’ Advisory group as well as sitting on the Education Standards Board and the Schools Forum.

·         The Association has very good relationships with the NAHT, sharing any concerns and working together as appropriate in pursuing support for governors and school leaders in challenging times.

·         The Association is determined to protect our independent status.

·         Solutions are actively being sought for communicating directly with Governors

·         Links with the National Governors’ Association are extremely good.

·         Mrs. Dunkerley attended an NGA event in Birmingham for all Associations which was useful in sharing practice and identifying common challenges.

·         NGA is now prioritising developing its support for Associations, stressing the importance of being able to operate independently by developing mutually supportive and respectful relationships.

·         We are represented at most NGA conferences so that information can be brought back to North Lincolnshire to support Governors in their roles and for them to be confident in the role.

·         The NALGB website is constantly updated with information we feel is relevant to all governors and we receive e mails from Governors via the site. We have provided a number of useful links on this site.  Thanks to Rob for all his hard work in maintaining the site.

·         The AGM is an opportunity to recognise the significant contributions of all executive members and to publicly thank them for their commitment and dedication.



Report from Treasurer


A balance sheet was circulated.


Income was reported as £740.00

Expenditure was reported at £543.49

Profit was reported as £196.51

Total in Bank was £1718.67.


Mrs. West reported that the Association’s fees had risen to £25.00. So far 47 schools had paid their fees and cheques were still coming in. Indeed, two schools have re-joined the Association.  Mrs. West confirmed that the fees to NGA had been paid.


The Account books were available for anyone who wanted to see them.  They had been audited by Wilf Baker.



Election of Committee and Officers


T. Nelthorpe proposed that all officers were re-elected.


All agreed the following people were elected:


Angela Dunkerley, Peter Raspin, Denise West, Robert Smith, Angela Kipling, John Speyer, Barbara Spencer, Eleanor Wasley.


Angela Dunkerley was elected Chair

Denise West was elected Treasurer

Peter Raspin was elected vice chair of the executive.

Barbara Spencer Secretary.


There were vacancies on the Executive and E. Walmsley stated that being a member gave a good understanding of governance outside anyone’s particular school. Mrs. Dunkerley was thanked for all her work.




Membership of the National Governors’ Association (NGA)


It was agreed that the NLAGB should continue to affiliate. As NLAGB were members, information provided by NGA could be put on the Executive’s website.  Angela Dunkerley had declared that she had a consultancy role with the NGA.


Promoting Sector Led Improvement (Tina Page)


Denise West said that it was difficult to plan a topic for the AGM due to ongoing changes in Governance.  However, the Executive were encouraging more Governors to take on more roles e.g. Chair/Vice Chairs working together with other schools to coach/support “team leaders” which was then reciprocated.


Tina Page of the Local Authority told the meeting that here had been a great deal of success within the Authority over the last 5 years. 87% primary and 92% children were now educated in good or outstanding schools.  Five years ago only 40% went to a good or outstanding school.  5 years ago North Lincs were in the bottom quartile for national averages.  Now above national average for most performance indicators. However, improvements still need to be made at the end of Key Stage 2.  Ofsted had now judged North Lincolnshire outstanding for services to children with 5 out of 6  contributing judgements outstanding.


The Local Authority believe that sector led improvement and school to school improvement is the key to achieving the next step change.  This year the Local Authority wish to push forward school to school support and that includes Governing Body to Governing Body.


Mediated Peer challenge programme – 24 Heads had trained and were taking part in Teaching and Learning Reviews and three Chairs of Governors were involved as well.






Locality Network meetings had been arranged. Scunthorpe South, North and Isle had been reasonably well attended.  Chairs and Vice-Chairs could share successes and challenges.


Peer Leader Pilot – this is an alternative to the SIP programme.  7 Primary and 4 Secondaries had taken part this term.




Any other business

The question of whether the Budget Briefing sessions should continue was raised. It was decided not to have one in 2018.


Dates of Next Meeting

Annual General Meeting – Wednesday, 7th November, 2018

NALGB Executive Meeting – 13th December, 2017 at 7 p.m.


Present at the meeting:

Angela Dunkerley

Angela Kipling

Eleanor Wasey

Barbara Spencer

Shelley Wigham

Emma Nicholaides

John Speyer

Robert Smith

Hilary Beverley

Lyn Williamson

John Veall

T. Nelthorpe

Mike Galey

Lucy Brockowska

Carol Eaton

Dawn Whitelam

Peter Raspin

Denise West

Page updated 19/12/2017

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