From the National Governance Association (NGA) Regarding Coronavirus information for Governing Boards

Page updated 30/07/2020

Coronavirus was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation on the 11 March 2020. It is now a major concern for school leaders monitoring and dealing with the risks and implications in an evolving situation.

The government has announced that all state schools will close to almost all pupils until further notice. The closure will take effect from the afternoon of Friday 20th March. Nurseries, private schools and sixth forms should also follow this guidance. The closure will apply to all children, except those of key workers and those who are “most vulnerable”, including those with social workers and education, health and care plans. The cabinet office has published a list of the key worker categories.

This is an unprecedented and extremely difficult situation. It will lead to more questions than there are answers over the coming days and weeks. Those governing will want to support their schools the best way that they can at the same time as dealing with their own personal circumstances. They will also be considerate of the enormous task that staff have in ensuring continuity of education and making the reduced provision work on the ground.

NGA are producing information sheets on a regular basis containing key messages about the Coronavirus, schools and governing boards taking into account the evolving situation and the implications for school governance.

Guidance is also on available on continuing the business of the governing board during these challenging circumstances. This guidance covers business priorities and other business; the work undertaken by panels; taking urgent decisions; and holding virtual meetings successfully.

Below is the guidance issued in order of publication by the NGA. (The NLAGB is not responsible for the content contained in these documents)

NGA-COVID-19-Issue-8-Guidance-4-June-2020.pdf NGA-COVID-19-Issue-8-Guidance-4-June-2020.pdf
Size : 656.031 Kb
Type : pdf
NGA-COVID-19-Issue-6-Appendix-14-May-2020.pdf NGA-COVID-19-Issue-6-Appendix-14-May-2020.pdf
Size : 605.432 Kb
Type : pdf

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