1.  Name


The organisation will be called the North Lincolnshire Association of Governing Bodies.  (NLAGB).


2.  Aims

The aims of the Association are:


 2.1  to promote the highest possible standards of governance in order to  

 achieve the best outcomes for children and young people.


 2.2  to provide an independent democratic forum for all affiliated governing bodies.


2.3  to encourage co-operation and collaboration between schools/colleges/academies and their governing bodies and to share good practice and act collectively on matters of mutual interest.


2.4  to assist governing bodies to further the education and interests of all pupils in local schools/colleges/academies by working in partnership with all interested parties including, where appropriate, LA Officers.


2.5  to offer a governor perspective to appropriate authorities when new initiatives and policies are being considered or old ones reviewed.


2.6   to facilitate and promote trust and transparency between appropriate authorities and governors.


2.7  to provide a vehicle for expressing collective views of governing bodies at both local and national level and to make appropriate representations to the L.A. and other relevant agencies.


2.8  to liaise with the L.A. Governor Services  section on matters of training, support and information.


2.9  to be represented on the Governors’ Advisory Group, the Schools Forum and any other appropriate forums/committees or groups as deemed necessary/helpful or as determined by legislation.


2.10 to maintain membership of the National Governance Association.


3.  Membership

3.1  Membership shall be open to those bodies responsible for governance in all state funded schools/colleges/academies in North Lincolnshire.


3.2  Individuals shall be eligible to take part in the Association’s activities by virtue of being members of a governing body affiliated to the Association or at the discretion of the Executive Committee.


3.3  Honorary, non-voting membership may be offered to other appropriate individuals at the discretion of the Executive Committee.


3.4  Membership shall be dependent on payment by such governing bodies affiliation fees as determined by the Executive Committee.


4.  Executive Committee and Officers


4.1  There shall be an Executive Committee (referred to here as “the Committee”) responsible for managing the work of the Association.


4.2  It shall consist of up to 9 elected representatives including the officers.


4.3  The Committee may co-opt up to 2 additional members.


4.4  Officers including the chair, vice-chair, secretary and treasurer shall be elected annually by ballot (secret if that is the wish of the meeting) at the A.G.M.


4.5  The Committee shall meet at least three times per year and the quorum shall consist of one third of its members.  Such meetings shall be minuted.  Copies of such minutes shall be made available to members upon request.

5.  The Annual General Meeting


5.1  The Annual General Meeting shall take place in the Autumn term.


5.2  Individual Governors will be encouraged to attend but each affiliated school/college/academy shall have one vote.



Reviewed November 2019.

Next Review November 2020.

Page last updated 20/11/2019

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