The NLAGB Executive Committee has decided to publish our committee meeting minutes.
Please see below:


Minutes from Committee meeting held:-


Date:  3rd April 2019         Time: 7 p.m.



Angela Dunkerley (chair)                                     Barbara Spencer

Peter Raspin                                                            Eleanor Wasley

Rob Smith                                                                 John Speyer

Denise West




1.      Apologies – none


2.      Minutes of the Meeting held on 12th December 2018 having been circulated were approved subject to a home address being removed.


3.     Matters Arising

a)      A conference will be discussed with Jemima and Pam and will be dealt with later.

b)    Move It – there are still issues particularly around changing passwords, documents being removed after a certain time and threatening to close accounts if they are not used. This is causing further time commitments for Governors.


4.     Treasurer’s Report

Mrs. West informed the Executive that there was presently £3,539.18 in the bank.  However, some expenses were still to be paid.


The Yorkshire Bank had sent a letter saying that as from the 1st June there would be a rise in the monthly fee to £6.50.  It was felt that this was a mistake as no monthly fees had been paid in the past.  It was agreed to see if this fee would be charged before any action was taken.


NGA fees – an invoice had been requested in November 2018 but it was not until February 2019 an invoice had been received and paid on 9th February, 2019.  The payment was not acknowledged but the cheque had been cleared. However, members had been having trouble accessing the NGA members’ section and this is still continuing.  AD to follow this up with the NGA.


57 schools have paid their fees to the NLAGB.


It was unanimously agreed that the fees for next year would remain at £25.00.


It was also noted that no invoice had yet been sent for the speaker at the November AGM.


5.       Schools Forum

There had been two meetings scheduled.  However, the meeting for March was cancelled.  At the January meeting the Dedicated School Grant funding formulae was discussed. High Needs funding is not ring fenced in the Local Authority’s delegated schools’ budget.


It will be discussed with Jemima that in the past, figures were circulated to all Governors concerning other schools’ budgets. It was felt that this was not appropriate.


6.       Education Standards Board

The moderating panel met on the 11th January 2019 to decide which schools would come into scope of the ESB. Denise gave an overview of the work of the ESB.


There had been an update to the Signatures of Risk document but as yet this had not been circulated to schools.


The Fair Access Panel is more established and levels of exclusions are looked at.  A discussion took place concerning off-rolling.    


7.       Governance Matters meetings.

Proposed changes to the Leadership Briefings were discussed together with peer leader update as well as Governor support programme where Governors were asked to help other Boards e.g. by mentoring a new Chair, sitting on an appeals panel or by joining another Board. The Governor development offer was also discussed.  The next meeting will be in June.


8.      Leadership Briefings and Locality meetings

The locality meeting for Brigg met recently. Pam Hodge and Tracey Sawyer attended.  Tracey gave an up date on the new Ofsted Framework and discussions took place concerning MATS and Ofsted inspections.


Leadership briefings may be scheduled for 8.30 a.m. to see if Heads would attend.  It was intended that they be a very short briefing.


9.      Website

Thanks were expressed to Rob for updating our site regularly.,


10.                         New Governance Handbook

Gives the Policy and legislative updates.


There is stronger emphasis on:

Parental engagement


Robust oversight

Raise on line

Criminal records checks



11.                         NGA update. 

In the latest edition of Governing Matters there is an interesting article on Reporting to the Board as well as the new Ofsted framework.


There is a MAT networking day in May.  The Executive agreed that Angela should attend if she felt it would be of benefit.


Summer Conference in June – Amanda Speilman is the speaker and it was agreed that Angela should attend.


Any Other Business

Pam Hodge will be invited to one of our meetings with a view to developing good working relationships.


Date of Next Meeting

          Wednesday, 12th June 2019 at 7 p.m.  

North Lincolnshire Association of Governing Bodies

Minutes of the Committee meeting 12th December 2018



Angela Dunkerley (Chair)

Barbara Spencer

Peter Raspin

Pam Hodge (LA)

                  Rob Smith

                  John Speyer

                  Eleanor Wasley

                  Denise West


1. Apologies

Barbara Spencer and Pam Hodge

2. Minutes of the meeting held on 19th September

These were approved but it was noted the meeting between Peter Raspin and Denise West planned for 25th September had to be cancelled. A new date will be fixed by Peter.

3. Minutes of AGM held on 7th November at Melior Community Academy

It was a good meeting although turnout was disappointing. Dai Durbridge was an excellent speaker and governors found his input useful and informative. The minutes were approved and will be available on the NLAGB website and a copy sent to the LA. 

The committee thank the LA for all their support in publicising the meeting and sending out fliers.

Governors at the AGM had asked if there would be another Governor Conference and it was agreed that NLAGB will pursue this with officers.

4. Treasurer’s Report

Denise has banked £1400 in fees and 56 schools have paid. As more schools federate, income is dropping although we pay NGA less due to the fact that our affiliation cost to them is based on the number of establishments affiliated to us.

Several schools have not replied, despite being sent reminders. Denise will send a letter to the chair of governors of these schools with a self-addressed envelope after Christmas.

It is hoped in future that the LA, through Pam Hodge, may send out letters direct to the chair of governors of all schools as it appears from discussions with individual governors at schools that have not paid, that the governors themselves have not been aware and it may therefore be the head or member of the administrative staff making the decision on whether to pay.

Denise reported that none of the Catholic schools had joined this year and 6 other schools have not joined as yet. Two of these did not join last year either, one has left after joining a MAT, 2 have simply not responded and only one has actually said they do not wish to affiliate this year.

Epworth Primary who are federated with South Axholme have re-joined this year, and Coritani have joined this year.

5. Working with the LA

It was agreed NLAGB needed to stay independent of the LA (as advocated by NGA and stated in the NLAGB Constitution) but work in close partnership with officers whenever possible. Executive members look forward to building positive relationships with the newly restructured governance team at the authority.

Executive members were unanimously concerned about changes that had been made over the last two years to the purpose and format of Governance Matters and the Leadership Briefing sessions. It was agreed that it would be useful to discuss and clarify the function and purpose of these with officers so that they provide mutually beneficial forums for developing support for all governors.

Governors are still reporting problems with MOVEIT although IT support is responding much quicker now.


Funding is an increasing problem with more pressure being put on schools/academies and the LA to fund children with special needs and particularly those with health problems. Very often there is little or no funding for children who may have severe health problems.

NLAGB are funding travelling expenses for Pet Whittaker and Shelley Thomas, who are governors at special schools in North Lincolnshire, to attend meetings of the National Governors’ Association SEND Advisory Group. This will provide an opportunity to raise issues about problems in North Lincolnshire, learn about developments nationally and contribute to influencing policy. They are also finding out what other LAs are doing and can feed back ideas and information to both the LA and NLAGB. They have written a brief article to highlight the focus of their discussions at these meetings for Governor’s News (but the detail that can be included has to be balanced against the need for confidentiality when discussing sensitive issues).

it was agreed that this was an appropriate use of NLAGB funds as it is an area of considerable concern for governors. The executive wish to express their thanks to Pet and Shelley for their time and commitment to this task on behalf of all governors.

7. Schools Forum

There was nothing of significance to report.                   

8, Education Standards Board

This now has a Moderating Panel with Denise West sitting on it to represent governors. They are responsible for deciding which schools should come to the Education Standards Board. Criteria are now much more transparent and focus on identifying schools that have a downward trend in performance over several years rather than a one-year dip.

9. Governance Matters

The group was originally set up for NLAGB and the LA to meet to discuss issues and concerns raised with them by governors. Without consultation with NLAGB this group has been opened up to all governors, and its remit is no longer as clear. It is much more of an informal chat session, with the LA putting a focus on the Locality Meetings.

10. Leadership Briefings and Locality Meetings

The format of these has also changed. It is no longer an update of what is happening over the term, focussing on clarifying issues to be discussed in the termly Governing Body meeting. Darren Chaplin gives a brief SEND report but meetings can include a lot of general information of varying relevance to governors. There is now little advice on what chairs and governors are being asked to do with the various papers they are sent each term from the authority.

Attendance at Locality Meetings is variable. The town groups have a few regular attendees, although there is a feeling that many governors regard these as another unnecessary meeting.


11. Website

There had been an email from Parentkind, an organisation wanting exposure on the website. As no-one knew anything about the group, it was agreed we pass this to Pam Hodge to investigate with the possibility of asking them to do an article for Governor News.

12. NGA

Angela had unfortunately been unable to attend the conference in Birmingham and hasn’t had any feedback from it as yet.

The NGA development programmes for chairs, clerks and MAT’s are proving very popular. These are highlighting some of the difficulties in establishing agreed governance structures and accountability within Multi-Academy Trusts. 

The clerking programmes are highlighting how important it is to have professionally trained clerks who can advise governing bodies and boards. MATs are now thinking about this too.

NGA are increasingly moving to the use of Webinars to bring consultants covering the entire country together to discuss support for governors through the NGA programmes without consultants having to travel to Birmingham

13. AOB

Angela thanked Peter (and Jane) for hosting the executive meetings this year which means that costs for running the association are minimised.

14 Date of Next meeting

Wednesday 3rd April at 7pm

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